Telxius enhances the users’ web browsing experience with its new DNS service

Madrid, 2 March 2021 – Telxius, a leading neutral telecommunications infrastructure operator with an extensive tower and submarine cable portfolio, has announced the availability of its new DNS service, which allows to improve the users’ web browsing experience thanks to its fast resolution of DNS (Domain Name Server) queries.

The DNS service is a key element of the internet ecosystem and provides domain name resolution, which allows us to know the IP address of the server where the domain we want to access is hosted and, consequently, makes internet browsing possible. In addition, this service acts as a line of defense for network security, as the DNS system itself can become both a target and a vector for network threats. It is therefore essential that DNS services are adequately protected.

Greater security and service quality for the end user

Telxius DNS is a service that offers different levels of security and content filtering that adapt to the customers’ needs. It improves security for both service platforms and users, blocking access to malicious sites or those limited by the regulations of a given country.

“Telxius DNS offers extensive coverage in both Europe and Latin America, allowing it to provide high-speed resolution of DNS queries with the minimum latency. It also includes security and content filtering functionalities that can be customized for each customer”, states Carlos Dasi, Telxius Cable CTO.

This new service is integrated with Telxius’ Internet Transit and Global Carrier Ethernet services and provides extensive coverage, with communication hubs in Europe and Latin America. As a result, a low latency value-added service can be offered to end users.

“Telxius DNS helps us to complete our offer, with a customizable service adapted to the needs of each customer. Thanks to this, our customers will be able to offer end users a faster and more secure web browsing experience”, says Monica Martinez, Telxius Cable Marketing Director.