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Wavelength is an unstructured Optical Capacity Service based on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. It facilitates point to point connections as a unique solution, or in more complex structures that the customer develops according to their needs.

The customer contracts the wavelength with the associated optical transmission elements, assuming the design, planning and control of the complementary elements of the customer’s network.

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Availability of high-capacity bandwidth from layer zero, transparent to the type of information transmitted and flexible usage combined with sharing options in multiple services.


Value proposition

This service can be configured with a high level of input and participation from the customer in order to obtain the full potential of the service, either as a self-protected lambda on various routes, with 1+0 interface delivery at the ends, or as independent linear lambdas. In addition, Telxius, the leader in capacity services in Latin America, is backed by strength, reliability and soundness of the Telefónica Group.

Product details

Wavelength backbone

10 Gbps transparent wavelength with SDH/SONET format and Ethernet WAN-PHY and LAN-PHY in linear and geographically redundant configuration with 1+0 interface delivery between the Points of Presence distributed throughout the Telxius network, based on DWDM technology in accordance with ITU-T recommendations.

Special solutions based on 10, 100 and 400 Gbps wavelengths.

Wavelength city to city

Point-to-point connectivity (interconnection of customer premises) between cities in the United States, Central America, South America, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom, with transmission speeds of 10 Gbps and 100Gbps.

Establishing point to point connections at fiber optic level between locations
Private networks set up and developed by the customer
Establishing back-up structures to enhance the customer's network
Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU)

Efficient method to ensure the long-term lease of a part of the Telxius network. For 10 or 15 years.

Installation: One-time payment after notification of activation (Non-Recurring Cost).

Payment of the IRU fee (one-off payment in advance after activation).

O&M (Operation and Maintenance): Quarterly/yearly payment calculated on an annual basis.


We offer leases of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, as well as a Lease-to-Buy option.

Installation: One-time payment after notification of activation (Non-Recurring Cost).

Monthly payment of recurring fee (Monthly-Recurring Cost).


Quality parameters for ‘On net’ services:

  • Service availability: 99.95%
  • Round trip delay: Example Boca Raton-Sao Paulo, less than 110ms (round-trip time)
  • Troubleshooting: maximum 4 hours
  • Service Repair time (Dry Plant): 8 hours
  • Service Repair time (Wet Plant): 15 days
  • Installation time: less than 30 days

Compliance with ITU-T G.691 Recommendation for optical interfaces, at the points of interconnection with third-party and customer networks.

Access Network

Connects Telxius Points of Presence with major cities and customer Points of Presence.

(Subject to regulatory approval).


Provides space so that customers who wish to do so, may install their network and communications equipment in Telxius’ landing stations or PoPs.

(Subject to regulatory approval).

Unified management

Complete management of the customer’s network, including equipment colocated in Telxius’ facilities.

Competitive offer

Telxius’ Wavelength and Colocation services can be packaged into a competitive offer by optimizing network resources and local loop segments, in addition to minimizing activation times for circuits with local access.