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We look to have a positive impact on communities, helping society thrive by being the employer of choice.

In today’s constantly changing landscape, we are transforming and adapting our teams, evolving the way we work to maximize our internal capabilities.

In this regard, we are focused on attracting, retaining and developing the skills and well-being of all the people who comprise the Telxius team. We also promote diversity and inclusion through different initiatives to integrate people with disabilities and adapting the way we work to the needs of today’s society. At Telxius we are committed to promoting a culture of well-being based on respect for diversity, inclusion and gender equality.


Ensure non
discrimination in
wages based
on gender

At least 33%
of women in
executive positions
by 2025

eNPS (Employee
Net Promoter Score)
equal or above 50%
by 2025

To ensure and improve security, health and safety at work, Telxius is certified with ISO 45001.