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Our Communications Hubs offer a one-stop shop for a wide range of IP, capacity, colocation and security services. We are now focused on developing new Communications Hubs to be added to our digital infrastructure. Some of the most important ones are in Derio (Spain) and Virginia Beach (USA).

Telxius Hub Derio

Derio Communications Hub

Strategically located in Bilbao (Northern Spain), the Derio Communications Hub is very close to the Marea landing station in Sopelana. It is fully carrier-neutral and designed to harness the potential of the subsea cables connected to it.

Derio was purpose-built to channel all Marea’s capacity and push it to the main communications hubs in Europe. It also provides the gateway to a completely new and diverse path from the Americas to Europe that offers, together with Dunant, one of the lowest latency and highest capacity ever deployed between the two continents.

This hub offers an open architecture that ensures every carrier, hyperscaler, cloud and/or content provider can benefit from its cutting-edge services and high interconnection capacity.

Derio features Tier III specifications and combines the features of a cable landing station and an international PoP, with state-of-the-art cable services.

Telxius Hub Virginia

Virginia Beach Communications Hub

With a priviliged position near Ashburn, the region with the largest concentration of data centers in the world, the Virginia Beach Communications Hub offers comprehensive colocation capabilities in the U.S.

Telxius’next generation subsea cables Brusa, Marea and Dunant land here. Customers are connected from the Americas to Europe via Marea and Dunant. This transatlantic route is one of the world’s busiest, and Telxius is playing a key role in channelling the enormous growth in data and content needs between the two regions. Brusa links with the Americas from here.

From Virginia Beach, Telxius provides a direct backhaul connection to Ashburn and Richmond, as well as a connection to Phoenix, providing customers with enhanced connectivity to major U.S. data centers.