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Connect to Cloud

In today’s always-on business world, seamless cloud connectivity has never been so important. We provide private, secure and low-latency connectivity to leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) across the globe, using our high-capacity international network as a gateway.

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Connect to Cloud not only enables faster, more reliable and secure connectivity to cloud resources compared to the public Internet, but also added redundancy and scalability according to customer needs.


Value proposition

We offer dedicated and secure connectivity through our international network to leading CSPs such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud, among others. Our customers can extend their traditional network infrastructure to these hyperscalers with the highest quality of service, helping to optimize the performance of applications and services for an enhanced user experience. Telxius’ network combines next-generation submarine cables, such as Firmina, Tikal, Mistral, Tannat, Junior, Brusa, Dunant, and Marea, with terrestrial backhauls and data centers such as Derio (Spain) Virginia Beach (USA), with direct access to the main digital hubs in Europe, America and beyond.

Product details

Secure and efficient connections

We enable customers to bypass the risks of public Internet connectivity, and instead benefit from private, secure and direct connections to CSPs.

Seamless access to the main CSPs

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud, among others.

Use our high-capacity international network as a gateway to multiple clouds and opportunities.

Network redundancy

Add additional redundancy to your network with the opportunity to connect data, services and applications across multiple CSPs.

This minimizes the risk of outages, ensures business continuity, and is enhanced by our layer2 proposal with 1+1 protection (50ms convergence time).

Lower latency and higher scalability

We offer the lowest latency route in our network, with guaranteed E2E latency, and bandwidths adapted to the customer’s needs (from 50Mbps to 100Gbps+).