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Cable Marea


The Marea submarine cable, with a length of 6,600 kilometers and 200 Tbps of capacity, has revolutionized transatlantic communications, with a very high capacity and low latency, both of which will continue to evolve at the pace of the most advanced technology.

At present it is one of the highest capacity cables in the world. Its route, much farther south than other cables in the North Atlantic, contributes to safeguarding the security of communications across the Atlantic, and its flexible and innovative design is a game changer that will make it easily adaptable to the future of data services. Marea, in combination with Dunant, offers network redundancy on this strategic route.

Marea connects Virginia Beach (USA) with Sopelana (Spain), providing the lowest latency route between the United States and Southern Europe. In addition, it provides an alternative path to the main communication hubs in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The Virginia Beach Telxius CLS Campus, which provides direct access to the Brusa subsea cable and to Dunant, has a direct backhaul to Ashburn, where the largest concentration of data centers in the world is located, and to Richmond.

On the other coast, in Europe, Marea connects Sopelana to the Derio Communications Hub, which has been specially designed to leverage the full potential of this cable and connect it to the main communications hubs in Europe.


200 Tbps
of capacity


6,600 km
in length


Two landing stations connected
to the main data centers hubs
in the USA and EMEA


A ”one of a kind” route
that strengthens global connections


Telxius is a partner
and landing party of Marea


Marea is a ‘game changer’
thanks to its flexible design