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CPE: Customer Premises Equipment

DWDM: Dense Wavelenght Division Multiplexing

EoSDH: Ethernet sobre SDH

EPL: Ethernet Private Line

EVPL: Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Gbps: Gigabit por segundo

GCE: Global Carrier Ethernet

MPLS: Multi Protocol Label Switching

NOC: Centro de Operaciones de Red

POP: Punto de presencia

SDH: Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SLA: Service Level Agreement

SONET: Synchronous Optical Network

Tbps: Terabit por segundo (1012 bps)

UNI: User Network Interface

VLAN: Red Virtual de Área Local

ARIN: American Registry for Internet Numbers

BGP: Border Gateway Protocol

CGNAT: Carrier Grade Network Address Translation

DDOS: Distributed Denial of Service

ISP: Internet Service Provider

IXP: Internet eXchange Point

LACNIC: Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre

PTT/NAP: Network Access Point

RIPE NCC: Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre

SLA: Service Level Agreement

STI: Servicio Tránsito Internet


For any information regarding our cable business, please contact us on:


Through a Tier-1 Backbone (AS 12956), with more than 20 Tbps capacity, we offer direct connectivity to the Internet. It provides international coverage with more than 70 points of presence (POPs) in more than 20 countries, as well as innovative value-added services.

Designed to provide the main operators and ISPs with high-speed Internet access through a high-performance technological network, with the highest guarantee of service and a business proposal tailored to their needs.


With our Internet Transit Service you will benefit from private Peering Agreements with major Internet networks worldwide and connectivity with major exchange points (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Miami, Washington,…), ensuring a reliable, high speed interconnection.

By connecting to the Telxius International IP Network, you will benefit from our experience and leading position in the market, as well as from our content and connected customers, therefore gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Value Proposition

Our International Tier-1 Network, completely redundant and with a grid topology, guarantees total availability and optimal transport of your data traffic at all times and is capable of providing different levels of service quality. Our IP network is adapted to the needs of both fixed and mobile phone operators as well as ISPs.

Product details

Access to the service

Ports from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Possibility of connection at multiple points/in multiple cities simultaneously.


In order to adapt to possible traffic increases, the possibility of contracting a port with greater access than the required bandwidth is available.

Flexible pricing

You can choose between a pay-as-you-go and a flat rate.

Online access

Provides statistical reports on usage and quality of service.

Personalized Customer Care

Our experts attend to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Multi-Homing Service

A service designed for customers who wish to maintain connections with other suppliers simultaneously.

BGP prefix filtering

Guarantees the legitimacy of BGP adverts.

Allocation of IP addresses

We have accreditation to provide public addresses.

24x7 Service

Our International Network Operations Centre guarantees the quality of service on an ongoing basis.


We offer refunds in the event of non-compliance with agreed levels of service and quality (SLA).

Looking Glass Tool

We provide you with a public URL where you can check the performance of our Network at any time (Looking Glass Tool).

DDoS Shield

Ability to detect Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and mitigate them before they reach the customer’s network.


We offer our customers the possibility of installing their own equipment within certain points of presence on our network.

Virtual NAP Service

Solution that enables our customers to reach IXPs/NAPs to establish local peerings, to exchange national traffic at a more competitive price whilst enhancing quality of service.

Caso De éxito PhoenixNap

Learn more about our
PhoenixNAP success story

phoenixNAP relies on the Telxius International network for IP services.

Looking Glass

Access to consult information regarding the performance of our network in real time.