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Leading in customer engagement, compliance, crisis management and business continuity.

At Telxius, everything we do and say is governed by the Business Principles which, together with the Policies of the Telefónica Group, serve as a compass to guide the actions of Telxius employees, managers, and collaborators and to make decisions based on integrity, transparency and respect for legality.

We have solid Internal Control and Risk Management structures in place, which help us to effectively manage the risks that may affect our business, including those related to ESG, and, when necessary, to detect possible inefficiencies or failures to comply.


NPS equal or
above 55%
by 2025

Strengthen the culture
of ethics and comply
with 100% of the staff
trained in Compliance

Achieve level 5
“Optimized” in the
business continuity

We have a clear commitment to achieve the level of security in our services that guarantees adequate protection of information and the technologies processing it, so that all our customers can use it confidently. To this end, our Information Security management system is certified with ISO 27001.