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CPE: Customer Premises Equipment

DWDM: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

EoSDH: Ethernet on SDH

EPL: Ethernet Private Line

EVPL: Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Gbps: Gigabit per second

GCE: Global Carrier Ethernet

MPLS: Multi Protocol Label Switching

NOC: Network Operation Center

POP: Point of Presence

SDH: Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SLA: Service Level Agreement

SONET: Synchronous Optical Network

Tbps: Terabit per second (1012 bps)

UNI: User Network Interface

VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network

ARIN: American Registry for Internet Numbers

BGP: Border Gateway Protocol

CGNAT: Carrier Grade Network Address Translation

DDOS: Distributed Denial of Service

ISP: Internet Service Provider

IXP: Internet eXchange Point

LACNIC: Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre

PTT/NAP: Network Access Point

RIPE NCC: Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre

SLA: Service Level Agreement

STI: Service Internet Transit


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DNS (Domain Name System) Resolution Service, which contributes to a better web browsing experience for your Internet users. Provides security and content filtering features, reports on network usage and helps protect users from malicious websites.

It integrates with Telxius’ Internet Transit and Global Carrier Ethernet services and provides an extensive coverage, with nodes in Europe and LATAM.


Offers high-speed resolution of DNS queries. Guarantees different levels of security, both at the service platform level and at the end user level and provides our customers with valuable information on the usage of their networks and how they are being used.

Value proposition

Enhances the browsing experience of Internet users due to its low latency in the response time to DNS queries, since its resolution is performed at points close to the customer’s network. In addition, it is a customizable service that adapts to the needs of each customer, considering three variables: the amount of QPS (Queries Per Second) required, the level of security and content filtering.

Product details

DNS Resolution

DNS resolution service.

Cloud DNS. Telxius’ DNS service is set as the primary DNS of the customer’s end users.

Secondary Cloud DNS. Telxius’ DNS service acts as second level DNS regarding the customer’s DNS, which remains as primary. This service redirects queries sent to the customer’s DNS to Telxius’ DNS for resolution.

Secure DNS

First level of protection for end-user browsing. Functions:

  • Blocks DNS-based malware and botnet communications
  • Restrict access to sites identified as dangerous or as sources of ransomware
  • Limit access to bogon IP addresses

Monthly reports on the usage of the customer’s networks:

  • Consumption related to query resolution
  • Statistics on access to Domains
  • Security events and content filtering
Content filtering

Allows customers to define non-authorized domains based on their usage policies.

Multiple connectivity options
  • Internet
  • Internet Transit service
  • Global Carrier Ethernet