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Other Cables


SAm-1 , with a length of nearly 25,000 km, is a subsea fiber-optic cable ring that is laid on the seabed surrounding Latin America. It is the fifth longest submarine cable system in the world and has a capacity that currently stands at 20 Tbps. It has fiber route extensions to Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, in addition to the trans-Andean and trans-Guatemalan terrestrial backbones.

SAm-1 otros cables


This cable in the region of the Americas, in operation and providing service since 2015, has a length of more than 6,000 kilometers and a capacity of 45 Tbps. Pccs represents a telecommunications access route for Ecuador, Colombia and Panama, and provides diverse connectivity to the United States through our landing station in Jacksonville (Florida).



The Unisur cable, with a length of 265 kilometers and in operation since 2014, links Las Toninas (Argentina) and Maldonado (Uruguay).



SAT-3 is a state-of-the-art technology cable system with landing stations in Altavista (Canary Islands – Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal) connecting Europe with several countries on the West Coast of Africa. The cable, in operation since 2002, has increased its fiber route extensions and currently has a length of 14,350 kilometers.

5 SAT 3


The Est-Tet subsea cable, with a length of 112 kilometers, connects Europe with Africa, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar and linking the cities of Estepona (Spain) and Tetouan (Morocco). It is owned by Telxius and Maroc Telecom.

corte EST-TET


The Alpal-2 submarine cable system, with a length of 304 kilometers and without amplifiers, links the landing station in Ses Covetes on the Island of Palma de Majorca (Spain) with El Djamila (Algiers).  It is owned by a consortium made up of Telxius, Algérie Telecom and other carriers.

corte Alpal