Telxius and boost connectivity for local companies in northeastern Brazil
  • The Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Salvador de Bahia will be expanded to Telxius‘ cable landing station in this city.
  • The expansion of this IXP will facilitate the interconnection of local companies with large OTTs.

Telxius, the leading digital telecommunications infrastructure operator, and the Brazilian Network Information Center ( have signed a cooperation agreement to expand the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) to the Telxius cable landing station in this city, thus enabling the interconnection of operators and companies in the northeastern region of Brazil.

The expansion of Salvador de Bahia’s IXP to Telxius’ cable landing station will be an attractive connection point for large OTTS looking to interconnect with local companies, which in turn represents a great connectivity opportunity for local operators.

Operators connected to the IXP will also have access to a wide range of IP, Capacity, Colocation and Security (Anti DDoS) services offered by Telxius, including Access Evolution services, through which they will be able to opt for dedicated connectivity services via Global Carrier Ethernet (GCE) for all of Latin America, USA and Europe.

Telxius is one of the leading global digital telecommunications infrastructure operators in the world with one of the most complete subsea cable offerings in Latin America and a Tier 1 IP network (AS 12956) that provides direct internet connectivity worldwide. Our international high-capacity fiber optic subsea cable network covers more than 80,000 km and comprises six next-generation systems: Marea, Dunant, Brusa, Tannat, Junior and Mistral, the last four in Latin America, where we also operate the SAm-1, PCCS and Unisur cables. Telxius’ network also includes a Communications Hub in Derio (Spain) and a CLS Campus in Virginia Beach.


This IXP will be the first of those planned to be opened in Brazil within the framework of (Brazil Internet Exchange), an initiative of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( and that aims to install and operate Internet exchange points and provides the necessary infrastructure for the direct interconnection of independent Autonomous Systems (AS) to the networks that make up the Internet in Brazil. is one of the largest Internet Exchange Points (IXP) in the world and it collaborates to reduce costs and improve the performance of participating networks and the Internet as a whole. The Brazilian Network Information Center (, responsible for the management of, is a non-profit organization in charge of the .br domain operation, as well as the distribution of IP addresses and independent Autonomous Systems in the country.

“The connectivity offered by Telxius through its submarine cable system in Salvador de Bahia is key, so we are very proud to have its participation in Salvador’ This initiative will help to further enhance the development of the region, which already has the project OpenCDN”, emphasizes Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura,’s Special Projects and Development Director.