Sipartech’s fiber network connects to Telxius’ Derio Communications Hub in northern Spain

New collaboration with Telxius expands Sipartech’s connectivity throughout Europe

Madrid, October 19, 2021. Telxius, the leading digital telecommunications infrastructure operator with a global submarine cable portfolio connecting the U.S., Europe and Latin America, announces that infrastructure operator Sipartech will launch a new Point-of-Presence at Telxius’ Derio Communications Hub located near Bilbao, Spain.

Telxius reinforces its connectivity options from Derio with a new backhaul route to Paris via Sipartech’s network from Irun. Additionally, Sipartech reaches Derio Communications Hub from Irun via Telxius’ network. This new route connecting Derio to Paris enables the direct connection of the transatlantic submarine cables Marea and Dunant, and together with the Telxius backhaul connection from Madrid to Derio, provides an alternative to the traditional outbound from Spain to the rest of Europe.

The Derio Communications Hub is located only a few kilometers away from Marea’s submarine cable landing station in Sopelana (Bilbao). Its unique combination of an expanded cable landing station and a fully-fledged PoP offers high interconnection capacity as well as IP, Capacity, Colocation and Security services. It is specially designed to leverage the full potential of Marea, while connecting it to the main communications hubs in Europe like Madrid, Paris, London or Frankfurt.

“Sipartech is increasing its long-distance fiber optic infrastructure and is deploying new and unique routes across France and Europe,” says Julien Santina, founder and CEO of Sipartech. “Joining Telxius’ Derio Communications Hub is an obvious choice; it is in line with our strategy and our commitment to offer the highest levels of connectivity to our clients, including global tech giants, so they can adapt to Europe’s changing business technology needs.”

 Since 2008, Sipartech has deployed its own fiber and optical transmission networks in France and Europe to connect major data centers and business hubs. Sipartech’s collaboration with Telxius is indicative of the company’s commitment to continually innovate state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for its customers and partners.

“Derio enables a wide range of interconnection opportunities with the main European hubs and with the US via Marea” says Carlos Dasi, Telxius CTO. “As Sipartech continues to innovate with new technologies to enable greater client productivity across its ecosystem, our Derio Communications Hub will ensure the company can meet the growing needs of its customers that are looking for dedicated and diversified infrastructures in Europe.”

This announcement comes on the heels of a series of expansion updates and collaboration announcements from Telxius. This year, Telia Carrier and The Euskaltel Group announced their connection into the Derio Communications Hub. The rich interconnectivity services that Derio provides, along with its direct connection to the ever expanding Telxius global infrastructure network via the Marea and Dunant subsea cables, makes Derio an obvious choice for providers looking to connect within Europe, to the U.S. and beyond.