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User Obligations

The User commits to make a diligent, correct and legal use of the Services and to act loyally and in good faith in accordance with the Law and these Terms and Conditions.  The User undertakes not to carry out any activity that impedes or hinders the operation of the services and shall not use any of the Services for illegal, forbidden or harmful purposes for TELXIUS or third parties interests or in a way that could damage, render useless, overload, impair or impede the regular operation of the Services, the computer equipment or the documents, files and any kind of the contents stored at any TELXIUS or third party equipment (hardware and software).

All queries must be manually introduced. The use automated scripts, it´s not permitted.  This type of performance will imply blocking access to the Services and lodging liability claims for breaching the prohibition.

It´s strictly forbidden:

  • To impede other user’s access by a massive and an unjustified consumption of the computer resources used by TELXIUS to deliver the services, as well as carrying out any actions damaging, interrupting or generating errors on those resources.
  • To carry out activities impeding or interfering with the effective use of third parties network resources.
  • To use the system to try to access to restricted areas of the server, without the duly authorization of TELXIUS, to other computers or networks or the port scanning.
  • To distribute or give information about viruses, worms, Trojan horses, pinging, spam or flooding or denial of service attacks. Besides, the activities to disturb the use or to interfere with other Users capacity to use the Services or any other connected network, system, service or equipment.

TELXIUS shall become relieved form any liability if the Web site is improperly used by the User. The User will be responsible for damages and loss of profits caused to third parties. TELXIUS reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel the Service or any of its functionalities at any time.

Quality of the Information  

The information delivered through the Services reflects the results obtained from an automated system, without human intervention. The Information is delivered in real time and depends from different factors out of the control of TELXIUS, so it may vary from time to time.

TELXIUS Works with proven quality sources in order to provide the information delivered through the Services and makes the greatest efforts to avoid errors. Nevertheless it can´t be guaranteed that the information provided is accurate. Therefore, TELXIUS won´t be liable for possible errors or omissions, appropriateness or timeliness of the information.

Accordingly, the User assumes that is full responsible for the decisions took based on the information delivered by TELXIUS. The User in not entitled to make any claim against TELXIUS for the consequences of the decision made for himself or third parties

 Exclusion of Liability

In order to reduce the risks introductions of viruses and to prevent from third parties computer attacks, TELXIUS has adopted protection measures against non-authorized accesses and uses virus detection software. Notwithstanding, TELXIUS does not warranty the absence of viruses that could alter the hardware or software systems or non-authorized accesses to them. TELXIUS won´t be under any circumstance responsible for any kind of loss or damages caused by them.

TELXIUS is not liable for the relations kept by the User with third parties, even if those are held while using the Services. In case any claim or legal action is brought between the Users and third parties, the User will exempt TELXIUS and to its employees, provider and partners from any liability and keep harmless.

TELXIUS is not responsible for the Services unavailability derived from force majeure or temporal suspension for technical reasons.

The Users agrees that TELXIUS won´t be liable for the services provided for free and will expressly waive any indemnification claim derived from the provision of the services.

TELXIUS won´t be liable for the damage, losses that other users could suffer for unforeseen events or expected ones that were inevitable, acts of God or force majeure. TELXIUS won´t be responsible for any damage, technical error, accident, malfunction, manipulation or interruptions on the Service or any other technical that may arise on products, equipment or non TELXIUS technical services whose use is necessary for the provision of the services.