We continue enabling communication

The incidence of COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges and uncertainties on a world-wide scale, but we at Telxius are prepared for them and we have implemented the measures to guarantee the continuity of services to our customers while ensuring the safety of our customers, partners and employees. In parallel with the normal provision of services, we have also activated a Global Contingency Plan at Telxius:

  • Employees at all Telxius work centers have at their disposal both the information and the means necessary to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection and are emphasizing good hygiene practices. In the same regard, face-to-face meetings and non-critical travel have been restricted. Furthermore, all our employees and collaborators, except for those providing minimum coverage in critical facilities in order to guarantee the service, are already working remotely 100% of the time and have been since 17 March.
  • This includes our Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in Lima (Peru) and Conil (Spain), which are redundant systems, and which have immediately implemented the contingency plans that were already part of their operation plan. Similarly, the employees of the IP, Security and Capacity service center in Madrid (Spain) and Lima (Peru), are working remotely 100% of the time, and have available the necessary special applications, including specific customer care applications. This completely virtual and unprecedented form of management of our NOCs and service centers is the result and proof of the exhaustive preparation work carried out beforehand so that we could adequately address this type of contingency as well as other ones. Noteworthy, when faced with these circumstances, is the outstanding capacity of coordination and operation of our Company’s systems. We have detailed plans at your disposal such as the ‘Resilience capacity of landing stations’.
  • As a benchmark telecommunications infrastructure company with one of the world’s most extensive subsea cable networks, Telxius already has the redundancy and risk mitigation measures necessary to ensure the continuity of its services on a regular basis. In addition, given the current circumstances, our Crisis Committee meets daily to analyze new developments and respond accordingly depending on the evolution of the situation.

It is with great satisfaction that we can confirm that we are currently continuing to provide services with complete normality. For further information, or in case of any doubt, your contacts at Telxius will continue to be the usual ones.

We are fully aware of the responsibility we have towards our customers and of our commitment to facilitate global communication, so we will continue working to meet the challenge, however difficult it may be. Thank you very much for your continued trust in Telxius.