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Communications Hubs

Telxius chose Virginia Beach as the site to build the first Cable Landing Station (CLS) in the Mid-Atlantic region. Today this station hosts three submarine cables: Marea and Brusa, and Dunant.

The Virginia Beach Telxius CLS Campus provides Marea and Brusa with a backhaul to Ashburn and Richmond, as well as connection to Phoenix, thus providing enhanced connectivity to the main data centers in the United States. In fact, with the arrival of the Marea and Brusa cables, the region is undergoing another infrastructure boom leading to continuous growth in the data center market, and the development of new terrestrial fiber networks.

In addition to the Virginia Beach Telxius CLS Campus, Telxius has also set up business offices in Virginia with the aim of being closer to its local customers and thus be able to collaborate better with the growing number of high-tech companies in the region.

Close to Ashburn,

the largest concentration of data centers in the world

Landing station with

2,000 m2 and 2MW of Power

Marea, Brusa, Dunant
Mapa Virginia