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corte Dunant

With a length of 6,600 km, Dunant is a new generation transatlantic cable set to channel the enormous growth of data and content needs between Europe and the United States.

Dunant cable adds to Marea for an unmatched transatlantic proposition, featuring one of the lowest latency and highest capacity routes in the world. The combination of both systems enables Telxius to connect both sides of the Atlantic with two of the most modern cables on a unique, diverse and transatlantic route, further south than other cables in the North Atlantic.

Telxius’ transatlantic proposition directly connects Ashburn, Richmond and Virginia Beach in the United States to Paris, Madrid and Derio (Bilbao) in Europe, providing direct access to areas with the largest concentration of data centers in the world and key connectivity hubs.

The highest capacity
6,600 km in length
The Lowest latency
Direct route
linking United States
and Europe
Unmatched transatlantic
proposition in combination
with Marea
Direct backhaul
connections to Ashburn,
Richmond and Paris