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Internet Transit

The Internet Transit Service provides direct connectivity to the internet through our Tier 1 Backbone, with over 10 Tbps capacity. It delivers international coverage with over 75 points of presence spread over 20 countries, as well as innovative value-added services.

Our service has been designed to provide key operators and ISPs with high speed access to the Internet via a highly efficient network in terms of technology, with the best service guaranteed and a commercial offer tailored to your needs.

Our extensive international fibre-optic network of over 87,000 km delivers more than 10 Tbps of data traffic daily during peak load times.

With our Internet Transit Service you will benefit from private Peering Agreements with major Internet networks worldwide, and connectivity with the principal exchange points (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Miami, Washington, San Francisco, etc.), which guarantee a reliable, high speed interconnection.

In addition, the Internet Transit Service provides guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), it is compatible with the IPv6 protocol which is capable of providing access to all existing content supported by this new version of IP protocol, and has security and routing policies.

With the connection to TELXIUS’ International IP Network, you will benefit from our experience and leading position in the market, as well as from our content and connected clients, and will thus gain an advantage over your competitors:

  • Leading position in Internet Access in Europe, Latin America and Africa which guarantees the delivery of your content to the greatest possible number of Internet users throughout these areas with the minimum number of hops, resulting in the best quality service.
  • More than 18 million fixed broadband connections and more than 89 million mobile broadband connections.

Our Internet Transit Service provides direct connectivity to the Internet through our Tier 1 International Network. It is totally redundant and has a grid topology, thus guaranteeing full availability and optimal transport of your data traffic at all times. It is also able to provide different qualities of service.    Our IP network provides services that can be adapted to the needs of fixed and mobile phone operators as well as ISPs.

Furthermore, you will benefit from a large number of connected users and unbeatable quality and speed thanks to our international presence and solid foundation of partner agreements.

  • Access to the service: Ports from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Possibility of connection at multiple points/cities simultaneously.
  • Scalability: You can hire a port with greater access than the required bandwidth, which will thus adapt to your eventual need for increased traffic, thereby avoiding delays caused by the installation of a new access circuit/port.
  • Flexible pricing: You can choose between pay-as-you-go and a flat rate.
  • Online access to statistical reports on usage and quality of service through our website.
  • Personalised customer care with a single interlocutor. We provide specialised customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Multi-Homing Service: For Customers who wish to have connections with other providers simultaneously.
  • Filtering by prefix: Ensures the legitimacy of BGP adverts.
  • Allocation of IP addresses: Telefónica has the accreditation needed to provide RIPE, ARIN and LACNIC public addresses. These three are agencies that assign IP addresses in the Americas and Europe, both in IPv4 and IPv6 modes.

We guarantee a premium quality service thanks to strict monitoring and management of our network 24×7 via our International Network Management Centre.

We ensure the quality of service that our clients demand, and as a guarantee, we offer refunds, in accordance with the conditions specified in the SLA, in the event of non-compliance with agreed levels of availability, delay, jitter and packet loss.

We also provide you with a public URL where you can check the performance of our network at all times (Looking Glass Tool).

DDoS Shield Service: A security solution capable of detecting distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) and mitigating them before they reach the client’s network. (For more information, see the DDoS Shield product overview).

Managed Carrier-Grade NAT Service: A managed service that enables you to combat the lack of IPv4 addressing, through the sharing of public IPv4 addresses between a much larger number of end users with private IPv4 addresses. (For more information, see the Managed CGNAT product overview).

Collocation Service: We offer clients the possibility of installing their equipment within certain points of presence on our network, where necessary, in order to bring the interconnections closer to the large volume of users and content connected to the said network. (For more information, see the Collocation product overview).

Virtual NAP Service: Provides clients with a solution that enables them to connect to IXPs/NAPs in order to establish local peerings, and thereby exchange national traffic at a more competitive price whilst enhancing quality of service. (For more information, see the Virtual NAP product overview).

  • CPE: Customer Premises Equipment
  • DWDM: Dense Wavelenght Division Multiplexing
  • EoSDH: Ethernet on SDH
  • EPL: Ethernet Private Line
  • EVPL: Ethernet Virtual Private Line
  • Gbps: Gigabit per second
  • GCE: Global Carrier Ethernet
  • MPLS: Multi Protocol Label Switching
  • NOC: Network Operation Center
  • POP: Point of Presence
  • SDH: Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  • SLA: Service Level Agreement
  • SONET: Synchronous Optical Network
  • Tbps: Terabit per second (1012 bps)
  • UNI: User Network Interface
  • VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network
  • ARIN: American Registry for Internet Numbers
  • BGP: Border Gateway Protocol
  • CGNAT: Carrier Grade Network Address Translation
  • DDOS: Distributed Denial of Service
  • ISP: Internet Service Provider
  • IXP: Internet eXchange Point
  • LACNIC: Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre
  • PTT/NAP: Network Access Point
  • RIPE NCC: Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre
  • SLA: Service Level Agreement
  • STI: Service Internet Transit
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