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In an increasingly global world, at Telxius we want to help to create a world that is more and better connected, through our infrastructures. The increasing demand in this respect means that our company has to work every day to improve and grow its Towers and Cable plant.

At Telxius we like to work responsibly from an environmental viewpoint, and harmony with the environment is one of our distinguishing marks. For this reason, we try to coordinate our activity with the protection of the ecosystems that contain our infrastructures.

We have noted that some of the animals which are part of these ecosystems consider our infrastructures as an extension of their habitat. This is the case for storks, which sometimes build their nests in the towers, and also for sharks, which have, traditionally, been attracted to the undersea cables. We have therefore decided to take care of them as part of our responsibility to take care of the environment where our infrastructures are located.

A Shark and a Stork as mascots of the company, to represent our Cable and Tower services, respectively.


WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Telxius supports WWF’s Global Shark and Ray Initiative, having become a WWF Conservation Partner in 2017.

WWF is the largest independent international organisation dedicated to nature and environment conservation. Founded in 1961, it is active in more than 100 countries and has close to 5 million members around the world.

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Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve (Spain)

Telxius contributes to protecting birds in this reserve located in the Basque Country, where it studies migration patterns of storks from Northern Europe, including Germany, to Africa.

This stork arrived at the reserve, cast out of its nest, the very same day that our MAREA submarine cable was fastened in Bilbao, so it was given the name MAREA.


FIEB (Foundation for Research in Ethology and Biodiversity) (Spain)

FIEB is an investigation centre focused on biodiversity conservation near Madrid where Telxius has implemented a project to observe ecosystems established in telecommunications towers. The goal is prepare an ethological study of the white stork in relation to the choice of telecommunications towers as nesting sites, which represent a new expansion of their typical habitat. The project is titled “Ciconia Telxius” and can be followed step-by-step on the Foundation’s social media accounts.

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